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Love, Hate, Live… LIFE

Arghhh!!! January 4, 2011

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grades are going down the drain… ūüė¶ !! and so is many other things.. but everyone will say its just LIFE…

Looks like the pants has drifted out into some ocean..


decided to fall back again.. trying really hard to hold it in..

Will try to blog it daily… but I am determined to watch¬†myself¬†finish it through this time..


In Someone’s shoes.. October 21, 2010

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How much does one truly understand about another before judging them?

As much as when one needs the most support is when one gets judged and thrown down like a piece of plastic?

How easy is it so just say and instruct but not knowing the full reason behind the story?

Well its one to know who your closest really are.. but it’s another to know that the world is only full of people whom says things without finding the true reason behind it..


Choices of Life.. October 16, 2010

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Time and time again we have keep reminding ourself that the road of life is full of trial and error…

Yes, Errors sucks.. But think about it for a sec, without these errors, would we become who we are today?

An easy example would be when you were a kid you would just touch anything that is shiny in this world and suddenly you put a finger on a hot kettle.. I can at least bet that you will not do what you did again..

ok la.. some slow a bit.. takes a few more times.. :P.. But hey, sooner or later, we’ll learn eventually.. ūüôā

It’s really up to an individual if he or she wants to keep sitting down and¬†whine¬†about the errors or the unhappiness that have in their life or to actually stand back up after a hard fall, swipe of the dust and keep walking.. ūüôā

The hard cold truth is, no one can be there to point you to a path to walk.. or to stand back up for you when shit happens..

BUT, friends, family or even¬†strangers¬†will always and always be there and more than happy to give you a hand to help you back up or to lend you a hug.. however, towards the end, It is only we ourself that can decide what we want to do…

REMEMBER, there is NO rule in life that forbids us from being sad, or cry or even feel “suckie” once in a while.. It’s only human to have emotions..we have every rights to express our feelings..

But after a while, one would just have to be reminded that there are better things in that¬†journey¬†to be remembered… regardless if its memories, an item, a photograph, a quote even that you have stumble upon during that walk, its WORTH living up for…

Learn to enjoy and to smile at the smallest things in life that in front of us..

I think somehow or rather, we individuals are actors ourself once in a while.. call it anything you want, either lying to yourself or just a way to not let people know what we are going through.. We learn to smile at the hardest moments in life to others but knowing it hurts inside out.. to be able to put a mask up is a skill..

Though, I am not saying its wrong to do, for whatever reason it is that we humans do that, know that the effort is not left empty.. you might never know who was actually really glad to see your smile or brighten up just cause that was the 1st smile they have seen all day… May it be the cashier on the counter, or a friend you said hi to..

It doesn’t matter if one is trying to go through a death of a loved one, a hard break up, family problem, or just a plain shitty day, if some one is to say that they are able to FORGET everything and move on is a LIE…

To me, its okay to remember all of this once in while.. sometimes, it can just be for the simple reason..

As simple as,

To remember a death of a loved one just so we know they are not forgotten,

Remembering a hard break up just so one can smile at the awesome things that happened and it was because it happened instead of it being over,

Remembering that you are worth much more than anything that has happened,

or to even remember mistakes just so we don’t repeat them..


~Its the road that we choose, that sums up our day~



HOME sweet HOME. October 4, 2010

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Finally!! Back at home for a PROPER holiday…

(dont ask me how i define whats a proper i cant even assure myself that what i have this time is proper or not.. lolz..)

Cant really describe¬†how or what i was actually feeling on my way back home in the bus and the long train ride…

I guess I had actually grew my heart in Malacca with all of them without realising it…

Had too much of an awesome time just before i went home.. I had not laughed so much in WEEKS AND MONTHS!! ūüėÄ (THANKS TO YOU! ;D )

so yeah..apart from having to spend my time in the Hosp taking care of my grandma, ¬†Holidays are finally in…



Did i miss something?? ~_^ September 29, 2010

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How is it that I am the only one who is doing all the wrong all the time??

It’s perfectly fine for you to do the same thing I did and hey! Your excuse fits perfectly.. While mine is just filled with your

imaginary¬†assumptions that I am this and that?? Do forgive me cause I have been busy with exams…

How does it Feel to be busy and not able to do something that you want instantly???

It’s not so much of ” We DONT want to do it“.. But its more like ” We CAN’T do it right NOW” kind of thing..

I really don’t know.. My life is being sucked out like liquid nowadays…Exams, exams, drama, life, things… ect ect….

Seriously.. Don’t ask me why when you do the same to others…

It getting to feel more like a threat than anything¬†ales¬†nowadays… What ever happen to trust? space? Life??

Did it all washed out of our heads??


Hope… September 28, 2010

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Don’t you not see that i am Trying????

Why does everyone always want their way???

Either i give or take… I still loose…

Either SIDE, i risk of letting someone important to me go…

I am tired of games.. tired of trying to fix something that can never be fixed!!

What did i get myself into? I seriously don’t know…… But if i could just turn back time..

If only I can… I would have stick to my instincts…

I am trapped in between of a very heavy yet narrow wall.. left or right… i dont see any speck of light.. ¬†Nor hope..


Distracted… September 25, 2010

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Been very distracted lately…

Can hardly finish up anything i started…

Exhaustion is the only thing i have been feeling the entire day..

As days go by, i have lesser and lesser motivation to wake up..

all i want to do is lie in bed and die…

until there is nothing left…..

~ That’s It~